Indoor digital posters are a type of digital signage that uses a digital screen to display visual content such as images, videos, and text, specifically designed for indoor environments. These types of digital posters are designed to be used in controlled environments, making them a great option for businesses looking to improve the customer experience.

One of the main benefits of indoor digital posters is that they can be used to provide customers with information and interactive experiences. Indoor digital posters can be used to display product information, promotions, and other important messages. Additionally, they can be used to display interactive content, such as touch-screen menus, which can help to increase engagement with customers. Menu boards, advertising displays and video walls can also be implemented to enhance the customer experience.

Another benefit of indoor digital posters is that they are highly customizable. Businesses can use indoor digital posters to display their own branding, logos, and colour schemes, creating a cohesive and professional look. Additionally, indoor digital posters can be used to display different languages, making them ideal for businesses that cater to a diverse customer base. They also allow for dynamic and engaging content that can be scheduled to change throughout the day.

What's Included?.

Hardware & Installation

We provide the hardware to suit your specific needs. We will design and install your new Digital Signage setup at no extra cost.

Software Integration

We will set up your account on our cloud based Digital Signage Software. Manage your Digital Signage quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.

Content Design

Content included! We provide all content required for your new screens. Work with our design team to get the perfect content to represent your brand.

Training & Support

We will provide full training and on-going support. Learn how to use your Digital Signage Software or let us take care of everything for you! 


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